A short film about a Nepali village girl who discovered that she was a mountain runner

IDRC Movie Night on Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 19:15, Room Seehorn

Public Screening of 'MIRA' with Mira Rai, International Trail Running Athlete from Nepal

Mira Rai grew up in a remote and simple village in Eastern Nepal. During the Nepalese civil war, Mira left her home and received training to become a child soldier by the Maoist rebels. Once the civil war ended, Mira headed for the capital Kathmandu to try her luck as a sports person. Discouraged and out of money she was about to leave again when she accidentally learned about an ultra race. She signed up without any preparation and promptly won. This was the beginning of an inspiring story of a talented village girl that became an internationally recognized ultra trail runner in an considerably short time.


2015 was a very successful year for Mira, she even set a new record in the technically challenging Mont Blanc 80 km race. At the moment, Mira is unfortunately not able to compete as she is recovering from knee surgery. However, we are happy she is coming to Davos for the screening of her movie and a subsequent Q&A session. The movie screening is free of charge and will take place on Tuesday, 30 August 2016, at 19:15 in room Seehorn (Short film duration: 42 min) 

Trailer and further information about Mira Rai