Poster Award

The poster exhibition at IDRC Davos 2012 was a great success. Over one hundred disaster and risk management experts from many different countries and regions of the world presented their research projects, study results and initiatives in the broad field of integrative risk management. IDRC Davos 2012 participants had the chance to give their vote to the three posters they considered most worthy of winning an award. The prices were issued to the three award winners during the closing ceremony.

And the first price was awarded to Mojgan Taheri Tafti from the University of Melbourne, Australia for her poster presentation on “Housing reconstruction policies and socio-spatial transformation of the built environment in old fabric of earthquake-affected cities.”

The second price went to Rukhshona Broimshoeva for her poster entitled “Building resilience and reducing vulnerability through integrated risk management in mountain areas.”

The third price was granted to Yorsi Nuzulia for her poster presentation on “The importance of a cultural approach to relocating survivors of mount Merapi: A case study of the survivors of Glagaharjo Community.”

The IDRC 2012 organizing committee warmly congratulates the three award winners.

Walter Ammann congratulazes Rukhshona Broimshoeva, winner of the 2nd price.
Walter Ammann congratulazes Yorsi Nuzulia, winner of the 3rd price.