Plenary 10: Linking One Health and the Hyogo Framework for Action

One Health is a broad umbrella concept that deals with the many interactions between human, animal and environmental health in close relation to agricultural production and the safety and security of food. It also covers resource depletion, climate change, and global change. One Health further includes public health, environmental stewardship, management of life-sustaining resources (such as fresh water), the protection of endangered species, the maintenance of an ecological balance, and general sustainable development. It supports a relationship between humans and other living species that minimizes the risks of disease transmission and safeguards the health of all life forms. One Health interacts with fields such as climate change impact analysis, risk and disaster management, disaster medicine and resource economics. One Health's integrative, risk-based approach shows many similarities with the already implemented Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) process within the United Nations system. HFA addresses at least some of the topics mentioned under the One Health umbrella, but from a different perspective. As an example, climate change may have a substantial impact on future health patterns, including the impact of extreme weather such as floods, excessive rainfall, heatwaves and cold snaps. Moreover, lifestyle and nutrition patterns may be the cause of increased allergic reactions. This session will consider how developing the One Health field can benefit from HFA’s strategic and operational achievements, in order to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of processes that benefit human welfare, protect livelihoods and promote sustainable development.


Marco FERRARI, Member of the Board of Directors, GRF Davos and Former Chair, Drafting Committee for the Hyogo Framework for Action, Thun, Switzerland


David HARPER, Professor, Special Adviser to the Assistant Director-General for Health Security and Environment, World Health Organization WHO, Geneva, Switzerland

Daniel KULL, Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist, Geneva Representative of the World Bank, Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery GFDRR, Geneva, Switzerland

Virginia MURRAY, Professor, Head, Extreme Events and Health Protection, UK Health Protection Agency, London, United Kingdom

David NABARRO, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Food Security and Nutrition, UN System Influenza Coordinator, Geneva, Switzerland

Paul OUEDRAOGO, Senior Regional Advisor for Africa, RAMSAR Convention, Gland, Switzerland

Cathy WATSON, Coordinator, Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards LEGS, Addis Abbeba, Ethopia

James Herbert WILLIAMS, Professor, Dean and Milton Morris Endowed Chair, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver, Denver, USA