Partners and Sponsors

The IDRC Davos offers ample opportunities for cooperation. As a non-profit organization GRF Davos is dependent on the support of sponsors and partner organizations.Tailor-made relations will be elaborated and established according to the partner’s needs and preferences. As a sponsor, you will benefit from the manifold opportunities the conference will be offering. A few examples are:

  • meeting with high ranking governmental authorities from various countries
  • meet and discuss with other outstanding personalities, to share experiences and knowledge with potential future partners
  • expose your company to a wide field of global players and to a high media presence
  • use the exhibition
  • position your company with your social responsibilities program
  • Excellent public relations (national and international media presence)

The financial contributions of partners- and sponsors are used to cover IDRC Davos 2010 costs and also to provide travel assistance to individual participants with limited financial possibilities from developing countries.

If you are interested in supporting our foundation please contact Walter J. Ammann, President of GRF Davos.