Ahrens Joachim

The Importance of Governance in Risk Reduction and Disaster Management

      0.96 MB

Alexander David

The Trainee Disaster Manager's Perception of Emergency Situations

     16.7 MB

Altez Rogelio

Deceases under Discussion: Investigation about the Number of Deaths In Vargas' Disaster 1999, Venezuela

     53.8 MB

Castellanos  Xavier

The Importance of Creating Sustainability

         10 MB

Clark Allen

Early Warning Decision Support System for the National Disaster Warning Center, Thailand

      2.6 MB

Dedeoglu Necati

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Residents of Anta Turkey about Earthquake Preparedness

      2.9 MB

De Groeve  Tom

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

        2.7 MB

Dandoulaki Miranda

Rapid Low Cost Vulnerability and Risk Assessment for Earthquake Planning: An Application to Rhodes City (Greece)

        1.3 MB

Dorren Luuk

Managing Ecosystems for Disaster Reduction Services

      29.1 MB

Eriksson Mats

Regional Cooperation in the Himalayan Region - a Necessity for Improved Flood Mitigation

        2.9 MB

Ermakova Irina

Genetically Modified Organisms and Biological Risks

     25.3 MB

Federici Paolo

GALAHAD: An EU Project for the Remote Monitoring of Glaciers, Avalanches and Landslides

       35 MB

Fordham Maureen

“Sometimes we Women Don't Know About our Strength.” Disaster Risk Reduction through a Gendered Lens

      32.7 MB

Ghafory-Ashtiany Mohsen

Iran School Earthquake Safety Initiative

     26.4 MB

Gögüs Hasan

Keynote: Safer Communities – Reducing Risk At The Local Level” Organized By The International Federation Of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies

      0.18 MB

Haghebaert Bruno

Community Risk Assessment Toolkit

        1.1 MB

Han Guoyi

Natural Disaster Risk Reduction in Coupled Social-Ecological Systems: Old Questions and The New Challenge

      0.43 MB

Hays Walter

Think out of the Box

      4.8 MB
Hays Walter

Post- Disaster Situation Assessments in Latin America and the Caribbean

        6.9 MB
Hays Walter

Towards Improved Quality of Life for Africans - A Program to Benefit Africans and the World

        3.1 MB
Hays Walter

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina and Other Severe Windstorms during 2005

      23.2 MB
Hays Walter

Indonesian Earthquake Disaster and Eruption of Mount Merapi

      32.3 MB
Jigyasu Rohit

Using Traditional Knowledge Systems for Post Disaster Reconstruction Issues and Challenges following Gujarat and Kashmir Earthquakes

Johnson Laurie

Managing Catastrophe: Katrina One Year Later

Kafle Shesh Kanta

Integrating Community-Based Disaster Risk Management into Government Policy and Planning in Southeast Asia

      0.23 MB
Karthikeyan Muniappan

Piloting Deficit Rainfall Insurance

      0.13 MB
Kassenga Gabriel Roderick

Higher Education in Disaster Risk Reduction in Africa

        5.3 MB
Katzenbach Rolf

Geotechnical and Geomechanical Aspects in Landslide Engineering

         25 MB
Kienberger Stefan

Tools for Improving Risk Awareness and Effective Disaster Management – New Communication Platforms based on ‘Virtual Globes'

        8.8 MB
Klingler Christian

Social Web for Risk Management Experiences with Web Forums in Outdoor Risk Management and Future Developments

         15 MB
Lenz Susanne

Critical Infrastructure Protection for Disaster Reduction

      0.33 MB
Lipiatou Elisabeth

Research on Climate Change and Natural Hazards: From the 6th to 7th Framework Programme

      0.46 MB
London Victoria

UNESCO “Host Countries perspective" Romania

     0.47 MB
Manuta Jesse

Flood Disaster Risk Management in the Philippines and Thailand: An Institutional and Political Perspective

        9.8 MB
Marmureanu Gheorghe

Early Warning System for Deep Strong Vrancea Earthquakes

Martelli Alessandro

Seismic Isolation and other Modern Anti-Seismic Techniques: Main Features, Worldwide Application and Benefits for a Safe Reconstruction in Pakistan

     67.2 MB
Okada Norio

Japan's Challenge towards Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM): Policy, Practice and Implementation

        1.7 MB
Okada Norio

A New Perspective and Methodology Adaptively Tested for Integrated Governance of Disaster Risks And Conflicts: A Japanese Case Study

      0.73 MB
Petkov Gueorgui

Evaluation of Communication and Decision-making Erroneous Actions Based on Dynamic Accident and Hazard Event Context Quantification

      0.29 MB
Petrascheck Armin

Institutional Integration of Multiple Hazards in Switzerland

      25.5 MB
Pielmeier Christine

Swiss National Avalanche Warning: Scope, Operations and Transfers

        7.4 MB
Pilon Paul

An Overview of the International Joint Commission's Efforts in Multi-Hazard Management of Transboundary and Boundary Waters

     17.7 MB
Podesta Juan

Risk Governance of Natural Disaster Reduction for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development

      11.8 MB
Renn Ortwin

From Risk Analysis to Risk Governance: New Challenges for the Risk Professionals in an Era of Post-Modern Confusion

     24.9 MB
Renn Ortwin

Risk Governance: Towards An Integrative Framework

        1.2 MB
Renn Ortwin

Risk Governance: The Importance of the IRGC Framework for Natural Hazard Management

        3.2 MB
Righini Giovanni

Optimizing Emergency Management: The Role of Operational Research

      0.97 MB
Rodkin Mikhail

The Growth of Loss Values from Natural Disasters and the Conception of Sustainable Development of Society

        3.6 MB
Roeder Larry

GDIN Proposal to Support Native Americans

      0.24 MB
Roeder Larry

Livelihood Protection through Animal Welfare

      22.8 MB
Sapirstein Guy

Human Impact Preparedness: Putting People FIRST!

        5.8 MB
Sapountzaki Kalliopi

Resilience to Risks: The Hidden Defense against the Limitations of Planning

        5.9 MB
Schmidt-Thome Philipp

Applying Informartion on Natural Hazard and Climate Change in Regional Development and Spatial Planning

        7.6 MB
Seidel Felix

Satellite Response to the August 2005 Floods in Switzerland: Charter Call 100

        1.7 MB
Shalhevet Sarit

Wastewater Modeling to Reduce the Disaster Risk from Groundwater Contamination

      0.24 MB
Shih Ban-Jwu

Development, Improvement and Implementation of Management System with Policy on Disaster Mitigation in Taiwan

      39.8 MB
Smith Erin

Gender, Disasters and Risk Reduction: Moving the Discussion Forward

     21.5 MB
Smolka Anselm

Risk Sharing, Risk Prevention, and Lessons from Recent Disasters: the View of a Reinsurer

        0.3 MB
Srivastava Amitabh

Risk Assessment Modeling for Hazardous Material Transportation: A Case of Non Uniform Population Distribution

        1.0 MB
Subedi Jishnu

Earthquake Risk Preparedness in Kathmandu Valley: Strategies for Future

      13.0 MB
Suzuki Koji

Underlying Risk Factors in Terms of Economic and Human Development, and Strategies towards New Development Paradigm

        8.0 MB
Wagner Klaus

Problems for Changing the Risk Prevention Strategy Persistent Attitudes of Different Stakeholders

      0.83 MB
Widmer Florian

National Strategies on Disaster Risk Reduction Challenges for Science (in Switzerland and Abroad)

        4.1 MB
Wijkman Anders

Climate will Change Everything- Climate Change and Ecosystem Destruction Make Disaster Prevention Even More Important

      0.21 MB
Woo Gordon

Diaspora Disaster Insurance

        4.0 MB
Zehnder Alexander

Swiss Science in Natural Hazard and Risk Management

        9.0 MB
Zhao Yandong

Social Capital and Natural Disasters: A Study in Western China

        1.1 MB