Ammann Walter

Initiates file downloadTalk on closing ceremony

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Ammann Walter

Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Disaster
Resilience Capacity Building

9.2 MB

Baitao Sun

Wenchuan Earthquake disaster and its relief on site

13.3 MB
Benouar Djillali

Integrated Disaster Management of the Algiers-Boumerdes (Algeria) Earthquake of 21 May 2003

5.0 MB
Blench Michael

Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN)

2.4 MB

Chan Cecilia

Community Capacity Building and postdisaster
psychosocial reconstruction
5.3 MB

Chen I-wan and Wang Weng-xiang

Success and limitations in earthquake prediction by the MDCB network, and how to overcome such limitations

2.1 MB
Chen Si

Study on Index of Agricultural Drought Disaster Resilience Assessment from Multiple Spatial Scales

0.6 MB
Comfort Louise Distributed Cognition: The Basis for
Coordinated Action in Dynamic Environment
0.8 MB
Ehrlich Daniele

Use of geo-information in damage assessment
and disaster risk reduction

9.3 MB
Fanlingchun The achievements and future development of Zigong RADIUS project 4.8MB
Fogstad Christian

Seismic Design Provisions for Anchors: Concept and Implementation in the U.S.

0.8 MB
Fu King-wa et al.

Analyzing Media Coverage on Government’s Disaster Management Practices after Wenchuan Earthquake: A Preliminary Result

5.7 MB
Gao Ting

Research on Resilience of Agricultural Drought from Temporal Dimension: Case Study of Large-scale Drought in Northern China since Republic of China

3.4 MB
Geradin Michel and Taucer Fabio

The lessons learned from the Central Italy Earthquake of April 6, 2009

25.1 MB
Grundy Paul et al.

Lessons from Wenchuan 512 for Building Seismic Resilience in China

1.4 MB
Gu Jianhua et al.

A study of On-site early warning system for earthquakes (OSEWS)

2.2 MB
He YuFeil et al.

SNR Changes of the VLF Radio Signals Possibly Related to the Wenchuan Earthquake

15.7 MB
Hong Ma

Overview of work of psychosocial response to Wenchuan earthquake

4.0 MB
Hong Shun-ying et al.

Precision Evaluation and Characteristics Analysis of the Coseismic Deformation Field by the 12th May 2008 Wenchuan Ms8.0 Earthquake

2.7 MB
Kang Chunli

Indicators of Thermal Infrared Outgoing Longwave Radiation for Short-term Earthquake Prediction

2.2 MB
Krausmann E. and A. M. Cruz

Earthquake-triggered accidents at industrial facilities: lessons learned from the Wenchuan earthquake

4.8 MB
Lin Ye

Trust in Local Ability of Disaster Reduction and its Influences on Public Flood Risk Perception: Based on the Investigation and Analysis

0.7 MB
Lu Wensheng et al.

Large facilities for earthquake risk mitigation: the large shaking table array at Tongji University

3.1 MB
Malik Ajani

Small-Scale Structural Interventions Large Impact on Disaster Risk Reduction in Isolated Rural Mountain

3.7 MB
Mizuki Chiharu

Evaluation to the measures for floods risk in urban area: A case study of Kita-Ward, Tokyo

7.0 MB
Ouzounov Dimitar et al.

Interdisciplinary Framework to Reveal Earthquake Precursory Phenomena in Seismically Active Areas

4.9 MB
Ouzounov Dimitar

Applications of Global Earth Observations for Disaster Risk Management

6.2 MB

Pinho Rui

Global Earthquake Model

16.2 MB
Pulinets Sergey and Ouzounov Dimitar

Novel conception of short-term earthquake forecast based on Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling (LAIC) model

14.4 MB
Qinghui Gu

Reducing Risks Through Community Based Disaster Management

2.4 MB
Renaud Fabrice

Advancing human security through knowledge-based approaches to reducing vulnerability and environmental risks

3.0 MB
Shen Xuhui

Recent Progress of China Tri-dimensional Observation Experimentation: Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite and Ground-based Seismo-Ionospheric precursors Monitoring Network

3.8 MB
Song Frank

Swine Flu outbreak in the US

1.0 MB
Sun Wenjun

Serious Gaming and Emergency Management

4.9 MB
Teachers without borders

Capacity Building Through Earthquake Emergency Education to Teachers in Du Jiang Yan, China

4.4 MB
Tiwari Deepty et al.

Sustaining Development through Community-based Consultation Processes

1.2 MB
Wang Hua et al.

The overview of the damaged reservoirs by 5.12 earthquake at Wenchuan

16.3 MB
Wu Yaoqiang and Wang Shaoyu

Enlightenments of 512 Wenchuan Earthquake

33.9 MB
Wyss Max et al.

Teleseismic Loss Estimates in Near-Real-Time After the M8 Wenchuan Earthquake of May 12, 2008

2.9 MB
Xingguo Yang et al.

Safety Assessment and Retrofit Techniques of Quake Lakes

11.9 MB
Xu Min

The Capacity-Building of Civil Defense Department

10.9 MB
Yida Fan

Priority Area of China’s Disaster Reduction and Relief Work After Wenchuan Earthquake

3.6 MB
Yong Guo

Conception on Building Preparatory Capability of Super Disaster Rescue for Colleges and Universities

4.7 MB
Yongzhong Sha

Information Flow and its Optimization in Emergency Management: An Empirical study on province level in China

2.8 MB
Zhang Lin

The Basic Situation and Earthquake Damage Analysis of the Damaged Reservoirs in Wenchuan Earthquake

2.3 MB
Zhang Xuemin et al.

The Analysis on the Electromagnetic Anomalies before Wenchuan Earthquake Based on Satellite and Ground Observing Data

6.2 MB
Zhang Zhongjun

International Prevention and Strategy for Agricultural Disaster

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