at the Opening Ceremony of the

International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC Davos 2016

28 August 2016 16:00

Mariage superbe, as it is understood in Europe, means an excellent relationship or a very unusual combination. The latter is what expects you at the IDRC Davos 2016 Opening Ceremony in celebrating the 10 years anniversary. In line with IDRC’s long tradition of bridging gaps between scientific disciplines and administrative and business sectors, connecting people around the globe, fostering new design and enhancing traditional solutions, we are pleased to announce the Ensemble Element and Andi Frueh (Tenor) for the performance of “Volkstoenen” thus bringing to life our commitment for integrative solutions for today’s challenges through music.

In Volkstoenen (engl. “traditional tones”) the Swiss composer and conductor Julia Gloor (http://www.juliagloor.ch/) creates a humorous and challenging piece of Switzerland. She combines classical music and instruments with old Swiss traditions in an unusual way. She has founded the Ensemble Element in 2012, which plays exclusively pieces composed by Julia Gloor. Instruments such as wooden spoons, dulcimer (Swiss zithers) and cowbells provide new tones within t he classic music and open new horizons. Have you ever heard cowbells ringing to an outstanding opera tenor?

Exemplary for this unusual and exceptional composition are Stephanie Szanto (alto) and dulcimer player Florin Grueter. Though, Ms. Szanto received a classical vocal education, won prestigious awards the  graduated with top marks as a solist, she is not afraid to surprise once in a while with a yodel.A similar cross-linking of different styles embodied the dulcimer player Florin Grueter. The dulcimer is used in Switzerland mainly as a tool for house music in rural areas.Florin Grueter one of a few outstanding young dulcimer player, manages to bridge the gap between traditional folk music and modern music.

This special setting will be additionally enriched by the tenor Andi Frueh (http://www.andifrueh.com/), a rising star who is famous for his brilliant high notes, and who will join Julia Gloor’s Ensemble Element. The rising young tenor Andreas Frueh, who made his debut as soloist in 2015 at the world renowned La Scala in Milano will be traveling directly from the Salzburg Festival to Davos to perform Volkstoenen for the IDRC Davos 2016 audience. His repertoire ranges from major lyric Mozart and bel canto and other lyric roles such as Lenski, Alfredo, Rodolfo, Faust, Werther, etc.

"Heimat" - a world premiere

In times of a global migrant crisis Julia Gloor has composed the outstanding piece "Heimat" (engl. "home" or "homeland") which will be performed by Andi Frueh on the occasion of this 10 years anniversary for the first time.


Julia Gloor (composition and director), Andreas Früh (tenor), Rebekka Bräm (soprano), Antonella Lalli (soprano), Katharina Heissenhuber (mezzo soprano, off voice), Stephanie Szanto (alto), Daniel Pérez (baritone), Jonas Atwood (bass), Mathias Landtwing (clarinette), Ivan Agofonov (viola), Florin Grüter (dulcimer)

Booking and contact

Julia Gloor


+41 (0)55 264 29 01