Anti-corruption: Learning through action

How to raise awareness for compliance risks with the business game TOPSIM–Honest

Co-hosted and organized by PRME Business Integrity Action Center, University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Chur, Switzerland.

Economic pressure, inaccurate knowledge of the political and cultural conventions and uncertainties regarding the legal framework increase the risk for institutions, companies and their professionals to be involved in non-compliant action. Thus, raising awareness and skills training are necessary. The computer-based business game TOPSIM–Honest is an interactive method, based on the motto: learning business by doing business. Embedded in the context of a seminar, the simulation creates a realistic model of the development and implementation of a project. In this project an industrial company is commissioned to construct parts of a hospital in a city of an emerging country. The goal is to achieve a good performance, based on given target figures for the virtual project (in the simulation) while behaving with integrity (within the law and conformably to values). Therefore, the participants act in day-to-day business activities and have to manage compliance relevant situations. In consideration of prevailing conditions, the participants make decisions and have to implement them. In doing so, they have to deal with resulting consequences for themselves, their company and for the society. By means of the seminar the participants gain assurance in terms of behaving with integrity in compliance relevant situations – fast, risk-free and playful! Workshop Moderation: Ruth Nieffer, Research Associate, Swiss Institute for Entrepreneurship (SIFE), University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Chur, Switzerland.