Abhyankar Manasi

Risk Dialogue Through Gaming Technology

        5.7 MB
Abrahams Jonathan

Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness: WHO Six Year Strategy for the Health Sector and Community Capacity Development 2008 - 2013

      0.18 MB

Aditya Trias

A GeoCollaboration Portal for a Local Geospatial Data Infrastructure for Improved Coordination & Group Work in Disaster Management

      1.18 MB
Aditya Vijay Pratap Singh

Traditional Knowledge and "Alive" Communication Systems for Building a Resilient Community

      1.16 MB
Ajani Malik

Remote Hazard Control and Practical Projects for Early Warning and Mitigation

        0.6 MB
Akram Gen Sajjad

Turning Adversity into an Opportunity in Build Back Better

        7.2 MB
Alam Edris

Understanding Vulnerability and Local Responses to Cyclone Disasters: Experiences from Bangladesh Coast

        0.8 MB
Alexander David

Making Emergency Management Education and Training Sustainable

        2.4 MB
Al-Hussaini Tahmeed Malik

Post-Disaster Management Issues Related to Building Collapse in Bangladesh

        2.4 MB
Ambrose Stephen

The Subcommittee on Disaster Reduction (SDR): Grand Challenges for Disaster Reduction

        2.7 MB
Ambrosia Vincent G.

NASA Science Serving Society: Improving Capabilities for Fire Characterization to Effect Reduction in Disaster Losses

        3.6 MB
Anderson Edward

Central American Probabilistic Risk Assessment (CAPRA): Objectives, Applications and Potential Benefits of an Open Access Architecture

        2.8 MB
Anderson Peter

Evaluating the Reliability and Effectiveness of Last Mile Warning Systems: The HazInfo Experience

        3.2 MB
Ando Shoichi

Capacity Building on Implementation of Nepal Building Control System: ToT of Masons for the Housing Earthquake Safety Initiative (HESI)

        1.0 MB
Ando Shoichi

Gender in Community Based Disaster Management: Experiences and Challenges of UNCRD

        7.3 MB
Annoni Alessandro

Standardization in Data, INSPIRE

        1.7 MB
Annunziato Alessandro

Tsunami Grid Calculation Database and the JRC Global Tsunami Calculation System

        4.6 MB
Argentina Teodora Nertan

GIS Based Integrated System for Ecological and Economical Management of Water Resources: Case Ctudy Bistrita River Basin - Romania

        9.6 MB
Aste Jean-Pierre

Experiences in Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments: Assisting and Orienting Decision Making

        4.5 MB
Backhaus Robert

Supporting Risk and Disaster Management from Space - The United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (UN-SPIDER)

        4.5 MB
Badri Seyed Ali

Perception of Earthquake Risk and Post-disaster Reconstruction: Comparative Study of Two Residential Neighbourhoods on Different Socio-economic Status in Tehran

        1.9 MB
Balin Ioan

Hydrological Risk Management Based on High Resolution Numerical Terrain Model from Airborne LIDAR Technique: REELD2007 Project Application

        4.8 MB
Barnes Paul

Resilience and Emergency Planning in Mega-cities: Issues and Options

        0.3 MB
Beerens Ralf

Urban Search and Rescue Response Capacities of Official Search and Rescue Institutions in Turkey and the Netherlands

        3.2 MB
Benouar Djillali

Preventive Education and Training for Disaster Risk Reduction in Schools: The Algerian Experience

        3.5 MB

Bernier Suzanne N.

Bringing your Pandemic Plan to the Next Level - a Case Study

        1.9 MB
Bessis Nik

Towards a Grid Aware Forest Fire Evacuation Warning System

        0.4 MB
Bharti Ashok

Satellite Communication and Disaster Management, Recent Trends

        1.2 MB
Bhattacharjee Rupendra Chandra

Social and Environmental Vulnerability: Participation of Civil Societies for Risk Management

        0.9 MB
Birkmann Joern

Assessing Coastal Vulnerability

        1.3 MB
Birkmann Joern

Climate Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation through Spatial and Urban Planning

        0.7 MB
Bittner Patricia

How Safe Are Our Health Facilities?: Applying the Hospital Safety Index

        0.2 MB
Bourrelier Paul-Henri

Integration of Climatic Change in Risk Management: A French Approach

        0.1 MB
Briceno Salvano

Conference Opening Ceremony Remarks

      0.07 MB
Bruins Hendrik

Global Food Insecurity: A Rationale for National Grain Reserves in Disaster Contingency Planning

        0.5 MB
Burgherr Peter

Comparative Risk Assessment of Severe Accidents in the Energy Sector

        0.9 MB
Cardona Omar D.

Innovative Disaster Risk Management Based on Probabilistic Risk Assessment: Applications for Risk Understanding, Communication, Reduction and Financing

      11.1 MB
Carreno Martha Liliana

Disaster Risk since a Macroeconomic Perspective: A metric for Fiscal Vulnerability Evaluation

        0.2 MB
Chakrabarti Leena

Adaptation Communication in Livelihoods Systems

        2.8 MB
Chatterjee Arup

Creating Enabling Regulatory and Policy Frameworks for Microinsurance Development

        0.5 MB
Chopde Shashikant

The Case of the Rohini River Basin

        0.2 MB
Cliff Barbara

Risk Perception of Disasters in Rural Hospitals: Does it make a Difference in Emergency Preparedness?

      0.04 MB
Cochard Roland

The Potential Role of Coastal Ecosystems in Risk Management: Some Lessons from the 2004 Tsunami

        5.5 MB
De Groeve Tom

Real-time Impact Estimation of Large Earthquakes Using USGS Shakemaps

        2.9 MB
De Salvo Paola

Remote Sensing and GIS and General Use of ICTs for Disaster Reduction

        6.6 MB
Dedeoglu Necati

Role of the Turkish News Media in Disaster Preparedness

        0.3 MB
Derakhshan Sahar

Evaluating People's Participation in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction and Its Results in Iran

        0.9 MB
Di Giambattista Giancarlo

Keeping The Lights On - A Practical Approach to Pandemic Planning

        1.5 MB
Djalali Ahmadreza

Role of Education in Enhancing Knowledge and Practice of Related Authorities in the Field of Disaster Management

      0.06 MB
Donovang-Kuhlisch Margarete

Risk Management in Globally-Integrated Ecosystems

        0.6 MB
Dube O. Pauline

Needs for Disaster Reduction to Enable Development and the Benefits of the Proposed African Program

        1.2 MB
Dubey Rakesh

Public-private Partnership - Key for Business Continuity by Integral Risk Management

        1.6 MB
Ebener Steeve

Moving Towards Health Risk Reduction Related to Disasters with GIS Risk Mapping

        1.5 MB
Eder Wolfgang

The UN International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) at IDRC Davos 2008

        5.8 MB
Edou Emmanuel

Contribution of Cameroon to the Implementation of the Hyogo Framework

        0.4 MB
Eggenberger Rene

Research Opportunities and Capabilities - The Competence Centre Science & Technology armasuisse

        0.6 MB
Elgin Kazim Goekhan

Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation And Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP)

        2.5 MB
Erdogan Nihan

Incident Command System at the Response to the Terrorist Attacks in Turkey in 2003

        2.0 MB
Fakhruddin SHM

Climate Change and Impact of Sea Level Rise on Land Use Suitability and Adaptation Options

        8.2 MB

Fischer Urs

Standardization Efforts in Risk Management by CEN

      21.5 MB
Frolova Nina

Global Impact Data Bases due to Earthquakes: Availability and Uncertanties

        4.4 MB
Gangal Manish

Evaluation Informing Program Design

        0.2 MB
Gangal Manish

Integral Risk Management: Risk Governance & Risk Dialogue

        0.4 MB
Gangwar Rashmi

Towards Building Disaster Resilient Community in Indian Himalayan Region through Non-formal Education and Awareness

        2.1 MB
Garevski Mihail

Disaster Preparedness: Examples from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

        2.8 MB
Ghafory-Ashtiany Mohsen

Estimating City-wide Seismic Building Loss and Road Network Blockage for Tehran

        1.1 MB
Ghafory-Ashtiany Mohsen

View of Islam on Earthquakes, Human Vitality and Disaster

        1.4 MB
Gibson Carl

Preventing Catastrophic Failure and Building Resilience

        0.3 MB
Glatron Sandrine

Relations Between Information, Risks Perception and Behaviours Of French Citizens

        2.3 MB
Gomez Francisca

IRM in Ultraperipheric Regions of the European Union: The Challenge to Reach a Sustainable Development through the Design of Adequate Prevention and Mitigation Strategies. A Case Study in Tenerife Island (Canary Islands, Spain)

        2.2 MB
Graf Mathias

Adaption of Typhoon Risk Modelling to Climate Changes

        0.7 MB
Griffiths Carmeletia

Looking at Climate Change Adaptation through Communities' Eyes

        1.1 MB
Gruber Monika

PPP-funding of Protection Measures against Natural Hazards in Austria - Premises and Consequences

        0.4 MB
Grundy Paul

Retrofitting for Resilience: Lessons from the Yogyakarta Earthquake 2006

        2.8 MB
Grundy Paul

Risk Reduction for Extreme Natural Disasters

        0.6 MB
Gunzenhauser Markus

Needs, Possibilities and Limits of Emergency Planning within the Management of Natural Hazards

        0.2 MB
Gupta Harsh

On the necessity of Developing Earthquake Scenarios: The case of Kangra Earthquake of 1905

        2.3 MB
Gwimbi Patrick

Climate Change Impact on Rain Fed Cotton Production in Zimbabwe: The Case of Gokwe District

        0.6 MB
Haas Joerg

Urbanisation Trends and Disaster Risk Management

        2.1 MB
Haemmerli Bernhard

Critical information Infrastructure Protection CIIP and Privacy: Mutual Conflicts and Support

        0.4 MB
Haile Menchestab

Rome Partnership for Improving Disaster Risk Management in Food and Agriculture

        0.4 MB
Hallegatte Stephane

Adaptation to Climate Change: Do not Count on Climate Scientists to do Your Work

        2.4 MB
Haller Matthias

Natural Hazard Communication and the Role of the Insurance Industry

        0.5 MB
Handmer John

Strategic Policy Choice in Wildfire Management: Matching the Policy with the Objective

        0.1 MB
Hartung Thomas

Needs for Standards in Risk of Pandemics

        4.8 MB
Hays Walter

Preparing for the Big One in Puerto Rico

        0.4 MB
Hays Walter

Seismic Zonation 4 Composite

        1.9 MB
Helm Patrick Owen

Critical Infrastructure Protection: A Perspective from New Zealand

        1.5 MB
Helm Patrick Owen

Risk Management Approaches to National Security Issues

        0.4 MB
Herbosa Ted

Building Capacity Among Health Workers in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction

        1.6 MB
Hettiarachchi Samantha

Coastal Vulnerability and Risk Assessment – Vietnam

        5.6 MB
Hettiarachchi Samantha

Developing a Strategic Approach towards Post Tsunami Mitigation

        8.3 MB
Hochrainer Stefan

Feasibility of Risk Financing Schemes for Climate Adaptation

        0.3 MB
Hooke William

Approaches to Disaster Reduction and the Needs for Long-Term Research

        0.8 MB
Hosseinzadeh Naghdali

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Steel Storage Tanks in Iranian Oil Refineries

        1.0 MB
Huang Lei

Comparative Analysis of Risk Perception between Nuclear and Coal Powers in China

        0.8 MB
Interiano Maria Luisa

Disaster Preparedness: Building Preparedness Capacity for Community Emergency Response and Disaster Mitigation (CERDM)

        1.2 MB
Johansson Magnus

Building Memory of Lessons Learning from Natural Hazards into Systems - a Swedish Approach

        1.0 MB
Johnson Russel

A Case Study in Multiagency GIS for Managing a Large-Scale Natural Disaster

        6.7 MB
Kaeslin Toni

Natural Hazards Emergency Planning and its Implementation in a System of Voluntariness - an Example of Switzerland

        2.7 MB
Kato Miwa

Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction under the UNFCCC

      0.09 MB
Kawata Yoshiaki

Improvement of Disaster Reduction Management for Urban Floods in Japan

      4.9 MB
Kaye David

Relationship Management: Risks within the External Supply Chain

      0.5 MB
KC Laxman

Disaster on Management and Conflict on Water Distribution (Nepal)

     0.07 MB
Kienberger Stefan

Spatial Modelling of Vulnerability in Central Mozambique Integration of Expert and Community Based Perceptions

      0.1 MB
Kingma Nanette

RiskCity: A GIS-Based Training Package for Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment

     1.6 MB
Kingsmill-Vellacott Anna

Climate Change, Disaster Management and Public Procurement

     0.05 MB
Konecny Milan

Alternative and Context Cartography: New Ways of Risk Management Support

      2.8 MB
Krishnan Pallassana Vaidyanatha Sarma

Participatory Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction a Case Study from Nepal

      2.9 MB
Kull Daniel

Flooding in Uttar Pradesh India: Contrasting the Costs and Benefits of Hard and Soft Approaches to DRR under Changing Climatic Conditions

      0.4 MB
Kumar Arvind

Urban Congestion and Approaches for Multi-hazard Risk Management in Secondary Cities in Asia

      1.7 MB
Kundak Seda

A Perceptional Approach to Environmental Risk in Istanbul

      0.3 MB
Lasut Anna

Costs and Benefits of Insurance against Flood Case Study of Wisloka River Basin in Poland

      2.3 MB
Lauterjung Joern

The German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System: Status and Outlook

      8.9 MB
Lehmann Marc

Natural Hazard Risk Management for Critical Infrastructure

        2.2 MB
Levieux Guillaume

Contribution to Volcanic Risk Mitigation in Southern Peru through an Original Approach of Public Education and Awareness

     23.2 MB
Levinton Carlos Hugo

Pacha Model

     18.4 MB
Li Geraldine Mary

Assessing the Vulnerability and Adaptive Potential of Australian Settlements to Impacts of Climate Change and Variability

        2.7 MB
Liesch Tanja

CEDIM and Cedim AG: An Example for a Successful Public-Private Partnership in Integrated Risk Management

      1.9 MB
Llosa Silvia

Engaging in the Climate Change Negotiations

     0.09 MB
Louw Elretha

Climate Change in the Western Cape: A Disaster Risk Assessment of the Impact on Human Health

     1.3 MB
Love Gavin John

Developing Capability and Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza: Public-Private Partnerships and the Supply Chain

      0.05 MB
Mahul Olivier

Rationale for Public Intervention in Catastrophe Insurance Markets in Developing Countries

      0.35 MB
Makhutov Nikolay

Multivariant Risk Analysis of Critical Facilities and Infrastructures in Russia

      0.27 MB
Marmureanu Gheorghe

Early Warning System EWS, Shake and Disaster Maps for Deep Vrancea Earthquakes Developed in Romania as Parts in Disaster Reduction and Risk Management

      0.81 MB

Marrero Mercedes

Training in Values as Tool for the Integrated Management of Risk: The case of the Architecture and City Planning Faculty of the Central University of Venezuela

      1.28 MB
Martin James

Emerging Vulnerabilities and Disaster Risk Management Solutions for Sustainable MultiHazard Resilience

     0.22 MB
Marturia Alavedra Jordi

Subsidence Emergency Management in Urban Zones at Sallent, Catalonia, Spain

      3.52 MB
Marulanda Mabel Cristina

Small and Frequent Disasters Due to Climate Variability and Change: An Accumulative Development Problem

      2.52 MB
Mascarenhas Adolfo

Major Lessons for Tanzania on the Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change from the Response to the HIV AIDS Scourge

      0.05 MB
McAdoo Brian

Tempests, Tsunamis and Tents: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Coastal Disaster Recovery

      2.26 MB
McBean Gordon

Integrating Research on Disaster Risk

      0.64 MB
Mechler Reinhard

Critical Analytical Issues Related to Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Disaster Risk Management

      3.15 MB
Meinke Insa

Regional Climate Offices as Link Between Science and Decision Makers

      6.24 MB
Meissen Ulrich

Cost-Benefit Evaluation for Early Warning Systems

     1.50 MB
Mendes-Victor Luis Alberto

Seismic Analysis of the Aggregates of Historical Buildings

      0.77 MB
Merz Mirjam

Management of Critical Infrastructure Disruption in Industrial Supply Chains

      0.25 MB
Miller Stuart

Managing Sovereign Catastrophe Risk: Lessons from Mexico

      0.73 MB
Miller Stuart

The Role of Governments and Donors in Catastrophe Risk Modeling

      1.48 MB
Minnie Johan Adriaan

Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnerships in Disaster Risk Management: Lessons Learnt and Observations

      0.78 MB
Mirani Mushtaq Ahmad

Institutional Development and Disaster Mitigation: Lessons Learnt

      0.40 MB
Mirbaeva Zoulfia

Installation of a Seismic Monitoring Network in Tajikistan

      4.73 MB
Mirzaei Hamidreza

The Lessons Learnt from "Gonu Tropical Cyclone"

      3.05 MB
Mitra Swati

Public-Private Partnership in Disaster Risk Reduction for Self-Preservation

      0.67 MB
Modaressi Hormoz

The Importance of Vulnerability Issues as a Major Aspect of Integral Risk Management of Natural Hazards: ENSURE Project

      1.7 MB
Moench Marcus

Adaptation and Risk Management: Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Approaches to Risk Management under Changing Climatic Conditions

     0.05 MB
Moench Marcus

The Implications of Disaster Risk Reduction for Adaptation to Climate Change: Insights from Field Research on the Costs and Benefits of DRR

     0.04 MB
Mora Sergio

Causes and Consequences of Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean

      3.6 MB
Mowla Muhammed

Disaster Preparedness - Coping with Recurring Natural Disasters: Reflections on Good Practices and Lessons Learnt in Bangladesh

        0.2 MB
Mukhopadhyay Lipi

Gender Issues and Impact of Climate Change in India

      0.2 MB
Mullins Peter James

Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Cyclones Evacuation and Shelter

        2.3 MB
Muresan Liviu

Critical Infrastructure Protection in Urban Areas: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment by use of Cellular Automata Modeling

      0.1 MB
Nagamatsu Shingo

Measuring Disaster Coping Capacity of Local Communities for Better Risk Governance

      1.4 MB
Naya Yoshie

Roles of Education for Disaster Reduction and Sustainable Development: On-line Collaborative Disaster Reduction Education, Natural Disaster Youth Summit

      0.5 MB
Nussbaum Roland

PPPs for the Financing of Natural Catastrophe Damages in Europe: to which Extent can Market Instruments and Solidarity Tools Complement?

      2.7 MB
Ogra Vivek

An ICT based Tool for Risk Management for Sustainable livelihood for farmers in India

      0.9 MB
Okada Norio

Case Station-Field Campus (CASiFiCA) : Globally-networked, Field-based Research and Education Challenges for Disaster Reduction

        2.2 MB
Onur Tuna

Estimating Losses from "Super" Catastrophes

      0.5 MB
Ouzounov Dimitar

Application of Remote Sensing Technologies for Disaster Risk Management: Multisensor Approach of Analyzing Atmospheric Signals and Search for Possible Earthquake Precursors

     13.2 MB
Oxley Aaron

Micro Crop Insurance and Protecting the Poor: Lessons from the Field

      0.3 MB
Oxley Marcus C.

Urban Risk Reduction: A Case for Private Public Partnerships - Civil Society Perspectives

      0.04 MB
Papadimitriou Eleftheria

Protecting Monuments and Historical Settings from the Next Earthquake

      2.4 MB
Patmore Nicola Ann

Ranking of the Worlds Cities Most Exposed to Coastal Flooding: Key Messages for Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation

        0.8 MB

Patmore Nicola Ann

Using Insurance Catastrophe Models to Investigate the Economics of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

      1.3 MB
Pfurtscheller Clemens

What Can Save Us from Catastrophic Loss? A Multivariate Analysis of the Factors of Socio-Economic Vulnerability Against Floods in Tyrol/Austria

      1.5 MB
Platz Uwe

Vulnerability of Structures of Logistics in Food Trade

        0.2 MB
Pons Luis

The European Union Project Guard, Anticipation and Prediction (GAP) of Global Health Threats

      0.2 MB
Prior Tim David

Preparing for Disaster: Climate Change and the Growing Threat of Bushfire in Australia

      0.8 MB
Prior Tim David

Sociocognitive Decision-making

      0.6 MB
Pulatova Goulsara

Twinning of National Platforms

    0.09 MB
Rafeeqi Sahibzada

Passive Resistance to Blast Loading

      2.3 MB
Rangarajan Srinivasan

The Role of Local Partnerships in the Evolution of End-to-End Solutions for Delivery of Emergency Alerts to Under-Developed Regions

      0.4 MB
Regent Sabrina

Microinsurance: a Risk Management Tool for a Better Access to Financial Services

        0.2 MB
Reinoso Eduardo

Earthquake Scenarios for Managua and Mexico City and Near Real Time Damage

      2.4 MB
Roberts Patrick

What Binds a Network? Preliminary Evidence from the Niger Drought Early Warning Systems

      0.5 MB
Romerio Franco

Electric Power Supply Security and "Natural Hazard" Risks

      0.3 MB
Rudolf-Miklau Florian

Life-cycle Oriented Management of Structural and Non-Structural Protection Measures Providing Sustainable Safety A Strategic Dimension

      9.8 MB
Rumpel Rainer

Methods for Analyzing the Economy of Security Investments

      0.4 MB
Saiful Islam Kazi

Promotion of Disaster Coping Capacity for Sustainable Community Resilience - A Comprehensive Disaster Management Approach in Bangladesh

      2.0 MB
Saith Neena

Understanding and Managing Exposure at Risk to Natural Catastrophes: From Cat Modeling to Disaster Response

      1.1 MB
Santos-Reyes Jaime Reynaldo

Natural Disasters Management: A Systemic Approach

      0.1 MB
Saravanan Janakiraman

Enabling Partnerships for Sustained Livelihoods - Experiences of DHAN Foundation in Coastal Areas

      1.2 MB
Schliermann-Kraus Elke

Disaster and Risk Management in Cities: A Challenge for International Development Cooperation, Taking the Examples from India and Madagascar

      7.2 MB
Schmiedtchen Peter

Incident Preparedness and Operational Continuity Management in Public and Private Organizations. Training and Scenarios

      0.7 MB
Schneiderbauer Stefan

Thinking Global, Acting Local - Vulnerability to Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies in South Tyrol, Italy

      1.5 MB
Schulz Carola

An Indicator-Based Approach for the Identification of Critical Road Infrastructures

      0.5 MB
Schwindt Manijeh

Hazardous Disaster Aid?: The Crowding-Out Effect of International Charity

      0.1 MB
Schwingshandl Albert

Flood Emergency Management at the Morava River (Alarmplan Hochwasser March) - an Example for Emergency Management Planning from Austria

        4.7 MB
Shi Peijun

Freezing Rain & Snowstorm Disaster 2008, Earthquake 2008 of China

      2.5 MB
Shi Peijun

Integrated Risk Governance under Global Changes

      1.1 MB
Shi Peijun

Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster

      6.6 MB
Simmons David Charles

Caribbean Catratrophe Risk Insurance Fund - A Template for Public/Private Partnership

      5.9 MB
Sperling Frank

Transitioning to Climate Resilient Development - Perspectives on Community Level Action

      0.4 MB
Stancalie Gheorghe

Contribution of Remote Sensing and Geo-Information Systems in Flood Risk Management in Romania

      5.3 MB
Staudinger Michael

Meteoalarm - A Europewide Warning System for Natural Hazards

      3.0 MB
Stephenson Max

Revisiting the Conditions Necessary for Effective Intersectoral Collaboration in Disaster Mitigation, Relief and Reconstruction

     0.05 MB
Strachan Jane

Utilising Climate Research to Inform the Insurance Industry: Can We Dynamically Simulate Tropical Cyclones for Risk Assessment

      3.0 MB
Stroink Ludwig

The R&D-Programme GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Interface between Science and Application

      2.1 MB
Studer Jost A.

A Practical Approach to Enhance the Functionality of Infrastructure Systems in Case of Natural Disasters

     0.03 MB
Suarez Dora Catalina

Urban Risk and Risk Management Analysis for Planning and Effectiveness Improvement at Local Level: The Manizales City Case study

      2.9 MB
Surminski Swenja

Adaptation: Managing Climate Risks in Developed Countries - The Insurance Perspective

      0.4 MB
Surono Pak

Geological Hazard Mitigation System in Indonesia

      2.3 MB
Tangen Stefan

Standardization: A New Global Approach to Increase Crisis and Continuity Management Capability

      1.1 MB
Tatano Hirokazu

Measuring Economic Impact of a Disaster without Double Counting Based on Multi-Sector Economic Growth Models

      0.4 MB
Taubenboeck Hannes

Risk and Disaster Management in Mega Cities Utilizing Earth Observation Data

     12.5 MB
Tekeli Yesil Sidika

Earthquake Mitigation and Preparedness at Individual Level in Istanbul and Factors Affecting this Process

      0.3 MB
Theckethil Reshmi Krishnan

Urban Risk Reduction through Public-private Partnership: Role of State in Affordable Housing and Service Provision

        3.0 MB
Tinz Marek

Integrated Flood Risk Management for River Catchments in the Danube Basin

      3.5 MB
Tobler-Rohr Marion

FP7 Environment and Security

      1.4 MB
Valsson Trausti

Climate Change and Natural Hazards: The Time Factor

     0.03 MB
Verma Colonel Nagar

Prepares and Builds Capacity amongst Community to Reduce Risks from Disasters and Climate Change

      1.4 MB
Vonlanthen Corinne

Cooperation Mechanisms among Stakeholders at the Regional Level

     2.2 MB
Ward Bob

Adapting to Climate Change to Maintain the Insurability of People and Property Against Extreme Weather and Sea Level Rise

        0.5 MB
Watson Cathy

The Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards: Promoting Public-Private Partnerships for Livestock Interventions in Disasters

        2.8 MB
Willemann Raymond

Integrated Research and Capacity Building in Geophysics

      1.3 MB
Wirtz Angelika

Hitting the Poor Impact of Natural Catastrophes in Economies at Various Stages of Development

     1.2 MB
Xie Yingxia

Planning for Safer and More Sustainable Future Introduction of Urban Planning for Hazard Mitigation Practices by CAUPD in China

      8.4 MB
Yarmohammadian Mohammad Hossein

A Comparative Study on Disaster Planning in National Health Systems: Iran and UK

     0.5 MB
Zapata-Marti Ricardo

Experiences in Economic Assessment of Disaster Impact as a Tool for Risk Reduction and Mainstreaming Disaster Reduction in Development Policy in the Context of Climate Change

      0.6 MB
Zemp Helena

Changing Media Structures and the Role of Media in Reporting Risks and Impact from Natural Hazards

      1.9 MB
Zentel Karl-Otto

Networking of National Platforms on Regional Level

        0.2 MB
Zeynep Turkman Sanduvac

Istanbul Governership Turkey: A Road Map Integration of the Community Disaster Volunteers

        6.0 MB
Zobel Christopher

The Importance of Information Sharing and Technology in Support of Dynamic Multi-Organizational Partnerships for Disaster Risk Management

     0.09 MB