The pdf-presentations can be downloaded by clicking the names of the presenters



Initiates file downloadSoichiro Yasukawa -  Welcome and Opening

Initiates file downloadFumihiko Imamura - The 29 September 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami

Initiates file downloadAkihiro Hojo - The Role of Media in DRR – the Sendai City Example

Initiates file downloadGeorg Peter - Hybrid Threats and Disaster Risk Management: Changing Paradigm in Security.

Initiates file downloadKanayo Kousaka - Macro-economic analysis – how much investment in DRR is most appropriate for countries?

Initiates file downloadLinda Nielsen - Risk, resilience and sustainability – bridging research and education

Initiates file downloadMichael Faber - Sustainability and Resilience of Engineered Systems

Initiates file downloadSebastien Boret - An innovative digital disaster archive system

Initiates file downloadYuichi Ono - Outcomes of the World Bosai Forum in 2017 and International Activities: 7 years  of experience after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011